The CS Center of the Swatch Group Korea makes every endeavor to satisfy our customers.
We offer the repair service, periodical inspection and complete repair service according to the A/S quality regulations of the head office in Switzerland.
The whole work is implemented by high skilled watchmakers who gained the technical training course in Switzerland.

We use spare parts, tools and machines supplied by the head office and exert every effort to make the repaired watches retain the highest quality.
You inquire our CS Center or official distributors as soon as your watches don't work properly, and also you must take notice of the fact that we are unable to indemnify your watches in case you receive the repair service by unqualified watchmakers.
We expedite our work according to the strict repair procedure of the head office and convey the repaired watches to customers after the course of a few days' inspection.
If you want your watches to be the highest condition, you must receive the water-resistance test. Also we offer complementary water-resistance test to the customers who visit our CS Center.(the required time is about 10 minutes)
Please refer to the CS Center FAQ or call the CS Center for the repair service and technical information.